Gourmets may argue endlessly over the composition of Italy’s gastronomic holy trinity — but ask most Italian food afficionados and their top three likely include pizza, gelato and a glass of rich, red Barolo.

But in the past decade, a new Italian vintage has emerged to challenge this dogma — in-country and abroad, Italy’s own Prosecco is gaining popularity. And there’s much to explore in the Northeastern Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the ancestral home of the Glera grape, the varietal responsible for Prosecco.

In my latest travel article, “Bubbly and Beauty in Northern Italy,” (published in The Vancouver Sun; photos in this gallery) follow along on a journey through Trieste and the hilltop town of Prosecco-Contovello, with its stunning, sun-dappled scenes of vineyard-quilted hills, and down through the wine region to hidden wineries on Venetian islands, all in search of the perfect Prosecco pour.