British Columbia is in the midst of a public health emergency. Fentanyl-tained drugs have flooded into the province, triggering an epidemic of drug overdoses and deaths. In the first nine months of 2016, 555 people died from drug overdoses, compared to 508 in all of 2015.

In response, health authorities, law enforcement and government have mobilized to keep the public safe. Fentanyl does not discriminate. Just a few grains can be fatal, and people from all walks of life, from youths partying in suburbs to street-entrenched habitual users are falling victim.

In the midst of the crisis, parents have been scrambling to find the right facts and words to say to help keep their children safe. I spoke to RCMP drug experts and mental health professionals in the course of writing this Healthier You Magazine  cover story, The Overdose Epidemic: How to keep your kids safe. Have a read and start this important conversation today.