980xThis week, The Province newspaper launched a compelling new series on racism in B.C., titled Racism in Paradise. This 15-part investigation by a team of reporters explores everything from B.C.’s shameful history of racism, to how racist attitudes persist today. In the process, we probe our province’s collective prejudices and expose the ways bias and stereotyping continue to divide us. But we also look ahead to explore the future of race relations in the province and the ways in which mixed marriages, diverse classrooms and communities are helping create what some academics call Multiculturalism 3.0. Working on this series was truly eye-opening. Researching the deep injustices of B.C.’s racist past and hearing the moving stories of survivors and pioneers was a moving experience. It was also inspiring to meet youth from a multitude of ethnic and immigrant backgrounds talk about the way forward. Have a look at the series video trailer for a glimpse of some of the issues we raise. Then dive in to our multimedia interactive timeline of racism in B.C. Or read the moving stories of residents who survived everything from internment during WWII to First Nations residential schools. You can read the entire series here. I hope it is as challenging to read as it was to write.